Our Mission

The mission of Oviedo High School is to ensure that students learn in a multifaceted environment that prepares them to become competent and productive citizens, excelling in their educational and workplace pursuits.

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Alma Mater

Hail to dear Oviedo High,

Pledge allegiance true,

For our love will never die,

We’ll be true to you.

Dear Oviedo,

Dear Oviedo,

You remain the best

Through the years we’ll all remember


Oviedo High School Athletics

Welcome to the Oviedo High School Athletic Department


Athletic Department Staff
Athletic Director - Jennifer Darty 407 320-4017
Assistant ADs - Bill Bronga
Athletic Department Secretary -  Linda Lougee

Certified Athletic Trainer - Erica Zimolzak-Coe

2019-2020 All Sports Pass



OHS Athletic Booster Club Sponsorship

Athletic Eligibility



  1. Clearance to Participate in Sports
    1. All athletes must have a physical on file with the atheletic department prior to tryouts, conditioning, or practice with any team (Bylaw 11.8.1).
      1. All student-athletes must carry a form of health insurance to participate - be it school insurance (see Linda Lougee), or a family insurance policy.
    2. When an athlete turns in his/her correctly completed physical forms in to the athletic office, he/she will receive A White Card. That card shows that they are eligible to participate fully in your sport. The fact that they played a previous sport DOES NOT necessarily mean they are eligible to play your sport and they must get a new white card.
    3. Coaches must have the White Card in his/her possession BEFORE any player attends conditioning, weight training, open gym, or tryouts.


 NCAA - Becoming Eligible


 Cross Country Summer Conditioning Program



Follow OHS Football from Home


If you would like to follow our home football game scores (in real time) when you cannot attend the actual game, there is a way.  Seminole County Public Schools has partnered with Mobil Cast Live to link your computer/device to our scoreboard. (Some games are live streamed through the same link.) Right now it is just with football, but the project is a work in progress.  Eventually every sport that has an electronic scoreboard will be linked.  Follow the link below to monitor the Lions home games or games versus other Seminole County schools.  GO LIONS!