CAPE Academies

Career And Professional Education (CAPE) Academies

The Florida Career and Professional Education Act provides the basis for the establishment of several high school CAPE Academies at Oviedo High School. These CAPE Academies are aligned to an Professional Industry Standards and students who are enrolled in these programs can earn career Industry Certification. These courses reinforce academic content by applying curriculum to real-world, workforce readiness and skills training situations. Many of these skills-training courses provide students with marketable proof of their skills-competency.  The goal of Career & Technical Education is to prepare ALL students for post-secondary education and/or a smooth transition into the workplace.

CAPE Academy Programs Offered at Oviedo High School

Automotive Service
Interior Design
TV Production
Media Technology

Career Themed Course(CTC) Programs Offered at Oviedo High School

Digital Design
Introduction to Information and Technology
Web Design