Athletic Eligibility & Clearance

Participation in interscholastic athletic programs by a student is a privilege, not a right. Students who participate are required to meet the requirements established in state law, FHSAA regulations, Seminole County Public Schools and Oviedo High School.

FHSAA Student-Athlete Eligibility

To play sports at Oviedo High School:

  • The student-athlete must be currently enrolled at Oviedo High School or have submitted the correct paperwork as a home-schooled student (EL7) or non-FHSAA member private school student (EL12/EL14) and approved for participation.
  • The student-athlete must have a current FHSAA/SCPS Sports Physical (must be on an EL2 Form) on file with our Athletic Department. This form, along with additional documents, must be submitted to Upon submitting all paperwork, you will receive an email stating whether or not you have been cleared. If you are cleared to participate, the coach of the sport you elected to participate in is automatically notified of your clearance. A student-athlete is not eligible to participate in any athletic event, this includes any conditioning, workouts, practices, or games, until he or she has been cleared through  
  • The student-athlete must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of a 2.0 or higher at the conclusion of each semester to be academically eligible during the next semester.
  • The student-athlete must be a US Citizen or have received clearance to participate as an International student by the Athletic Office.
  • The student-athlete must watch three NFHS videos as mandated by the FHSAA. The videos can all be found on The courses include “Concussion in Sports,” “Heat Illness Prevention,” and “Sudden Cardiac Arrest.” 
  • The student-athlete must adhere to the SCPS Citizenship Standards for Participation in Extracurricular Activities. 

Please note, athletic recruiting is a gross violation of the spirit and philosophy of educational athletics. Athletic recruiting is unethical and unsporting conduct, and is forbidden by FHSAA Bylaws. No student-athlete should ever be pressured, urged, or enticed by a school employee, athletic department staff member or representative of a school’s athletic interests to attend any school for the purpose of participating in interscholastic athletics.

Online Athletic Clearance System

The Oviedo High School Athletic Department has transitioned to an online clearance platform for athletic participation and will no longer be accepting any hard copy sports physical packets in the Athletic Office. All prospective student-athletes must create an account & will now submit all required documents on This process will also eliminate white cards as the coaching staff will have access to cleared athlete lists and emergency information for student-athletes participating in their sport. Please read through the instructions prior to starting the process. All necessary forms are available for download in your account. Upon going through the clearance process, you will receive an email from the Athletic Department in regards to your athletic clearance status. If you receive a denial email, it will include what is missing from your file to update. You are not permitted to participate until you receive an email stating that you have been cleared for athletic activity.

Download the Athletic Clearance Instructions. 

Download the FHSAA/SCPS EL2 Physical Form.